5 Investing Blogs That Every Gen Z Need to Check Out

Generation Z is on the cusp of exploring the world of investing as a means to secure their financial future. With access to vast amounts of information online, finding reliable resources to guide their investment journey is crucial. Fortunately, there are numerous blogs dedicated to educating young investors on the ins and outs of the financial markets, offering insights, tips, and strategies tailored specifically to the needs of Gen Z.

Whether they’re a college student looking to start investing on a tight budget or a young professional aiming to build wealth over the long term, these five investing blogs are essential reads for anyone eager to navigate the world of finance with confidence and clarity.



  • FINQ, the AI-powered investment platform, recently launched its new blog section dedicated to empowering Generation Z to make better sense of investing. Founded by CEO Eldad Tamir, FINQ’s mission is to equip the younger generation with investment strategies in the age of artificial intelligence, committed to providing unbiased data-driven investing insights. With engaging content and practical advice, FINQ seeks to unravel the mysteries of investing for young people, guiding them toward financial success.Tamir believes that Gen Zers should be equipped with appropriate tools and insights, discarding outdated methods irrelevant to contemporary standards. FINQ’s introduction of its blog section seeks to provide the latest updates, valuable resources, and personalized guidance specifically tailored to the next batch of investors. It covers various topics, from market trends and investment strategies to expert tips straight from Tamir.


The Motley Fool

  • Known for its straightforward and humorous approach to investing, The Motley Fool offers insightful articles, podcasts, and educational resources aimed at helping individuals achieve financial independence. Gen Z investors will appreciate their practical advice on building wealth over the long term and navigating the complexities of the stock market.The Motley Fool’s mission is to empower individuals worldwide to achieve greater financial wisdom, joy, and prosperity. Every day, they assist countless individuals in reaching their monetary aspirations, viewing each dollar as a potential building block for a brighter tomorrow. Their philosophy champions the notion that nurturing exceptional enterprises over time is the surest route to financial abundance. With unwavering dedication, they cater to the needs of every individual within their Foolish family, be it their dedicated staff, loyal members, or the broader community.


The College Investor

  • Since September 2009, The College Investor has been delivering expertly crafted guides, insightful reviews, informative tutorials, and a plethora of other resources to its audience. What began as Robert Farrington’s personal finance blog has transformed into a prominent financial media brand, captivating millions of monthly readers across its website, podcast, and video platforms with the goal of guiding readers through the complexities of personal finance, offering strategies to escape debt, boost earnings, delve into investment opportunities.Targeted specifically at young adults and college students, The College Investor offers easy-to-understand advice on investing, student loans, and personal finance. With articles covering topics like building an investment portfolio on a budget and understanding the basics of stock market investing, it’s a must-read for Gen Z.



  • NerdWallet offers a treasure trove of detailed posts, equipping its audience with invaluable insights for making astute financial decisions spanning banking, investing, credit cards, insurance, and beyond. Moreover, the platform is fortified with an arsenal of financial tools tailored to facilitate the hunt for optimal accounts, loans, and credit cards.Today, NerdWallet stands as an indispensable resource for personal finance guidance, extending its reach to encompass tailored investing tips aimed at younger demographics. From illuminating discussions on socially responsible investing to pragmatic advice on balancing a side hustle with investment pursuits, NerdWallet furnishes Gen Z with actionable strategies to nurture their wealth while upholding fiscal prudence.


Money Under 30

  • Money Under 30 stands as a beacon of financial guidance, dedicated to empowering individuals in their journey towards financial freedom. Tailored to those navigating the complexities of finances in their early adulthood, the platform offers actionable insights on various aspects including initiating investments, cultivating a savings habit, tackling student debt, and much more.They are known for their top-tier advice and prudent recommendations aimed at laying a robust foundation for users’ financial voyage. Yearly, they meticulously assess numerous financial products to furnish users with the optimal tools and accounts essential for effective money management and wealth accumulation. Additionally, they meticulously craft an array of well-researched guides to steer users through the intricacies of personal finance.

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