LOTUS Halal Fixed
Income Fund (FIF)

The Lotus Halal Fixed Income Fund is an open-ended mutual fund that invests in Shariah compliant fixed income instruments. The Fund is specifically designed for ethical investors with a low risk appetite and a short to medium term outlook.

What is the Lotus Halal Fixed Income Fund?

The Lotus FIF invests in fixed income instruments such as Sukuk (non-interest bonds) and fixed return contracts.

Key Features:

  • Acts as both savings and investment account
  • Low Risk Product
  • Short–Medium Term Outlook
  • Quarterly Distribution
  • Capital Preservation
  • No exposure to shares/equities
  • Competitive Returns
  • Minimum initial investment of N5,000
  • Minimum additional investment of N5,000
Competitive Returns

Aims to provide attractive returns comparable to conventional options.

Quaterly Income Payout

Aims to pay out 80% of profit to investors on a quarterly basis.

Investment Goals

Travel, wedding, masters program, Hajj/Umrah, Emergency plans, Gadgets, deposit for mortgages, projects etc.


Annual certification for Shari’ah compliance, excellent for investors with faith or ethical preferences.​

Who's LOTUS Fixed Income fund for?

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